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「UPDATED2021」Guideline to find your dream rental property in Pattaya

Real estate in Pattaya, especially condominiums, is a very diverse market. Regardless of you buying for leisure, investment or rental, you will find varied neighborhoods, different price ranges and many special offer options. That’s why we are here providing you the absolute guideline to get you through all the frustrations. 
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Properties in Pattaya, especially condominiums, is a very diverse market. Regardless of you buying for leisure, investment or rental, you will find varied neighborhoods, different price ranges and many special offer options. That’s why we are here providing you the absolute guideline to get you through all the frustrations. 

How to find the right rental properties in Pattaya?

  • Location

Pattaya has 3 main areas which are the north, the south and the center. If you want to buy a condo mainly for investment purposes (rental), you have to be very careful picking the right one. Full details of locations already provided here in a few pages.

  • Scenery

There are a few types of scenery you would get from a condo in Pattaya e.g. city, ocean, mountains and of course a view showing some activities of your neighbors (unfortunately but it could possibly happen from the blocking building opposite to yours).

  • Direction/angle 

This point is not always one of the concerns for buyers but it sure is for some. 

  • Direction: Some people wish to have a room that gets some light so it’s the room facing east for them, they could get the morning light. On the other hand, the rooms facing west get a bright noon light in the afternoon. Statistically, the rooms facing south are most wanted because it’s ventilation from the wind coming through.
  • Floor Plan: Usually the rooms close to elevators and garbage are the cheapest
  • Height: Regarding the better scenery and more privacy, the higher floor the more it cost.
  • Price

Budget is the first and usually the most important factor for every buyer, of course your ability to repay a loan included. It basically defines everything in your dream condominium. If you are an investment buyer, it’s even more crucial, all the expenses e.g. common fee, interests and the expected yield, these are to be considered.

  • Developer

If you aren’t equipped with full experience buying properties, it is recommended that you choose the project from well-known developers or the ones with accessible information and financial background. The name of developers also influence the resale or rental price in the future. Moreover, choose the one that offers great after-sell service, you might really need it one day.

  • Returns and expense

Beside some expenses like common fees or interests that are already mentioned. There are some more to be considered e.g. the cost for finding renters, PR-related expenses, agency service fee. These are some example expenses to keep in mind because they will directly affect your ROE (Return On Investment).

Where is the right neighborhood for you?

“South Pattaya” best location for find property in Pattaya

South Pattaya is a large area in Pattaya city connecting many major areas e.g. Thepprasit Road, border of Pratamnak, Walking Street and the famous Bali Hai Pier.

Various shops and shopping malls are also located in this area. Many developers are also investing on some mega projects in this location too. Average rent in this area is THB 10,000 – 13,000 monthly.

Newest property project in South Pattaya

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Wongamat” best location to find rental property in Pattaya

pattaya properties for rent
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Wongamat is the north area of Pattaya filled with many 4-5 stars hotels because of the privacy it provides, so most visitors are foreigners with quite high potential who travel for leisure. The properties located in Wongamat are luxury and considered the top segment. Price per Sqm starts from THB 150,000. Rent average is THB 15,000 – 19,500 monthly. 

Pattaya inner-city” best location to find rental property in Pattaya

pattaya properties for rent

This area is located in Pattaya city, a little farther from the beachfront. Most people living in this area are both Thai and foreigners that mostly work and want convenience from its location. Most residences are in the medium price range starting from THB 100,000 per Sqm ( USD 3,100) consisting of quite a lot of units. Rent average is THB 14,400 – 16,500 monthly.

Newest property project in Central Pattaya

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Starts from THB 2.16 M. With complementary full furniture package.

Pratum Nak “ best location to find rental property in Pattaya

This area is called Beverly Hills of Thailand because of its panoramic view, privacy and the short distance to the city. Despite the stunning view it offers, it doesn’t have many attractions and night activities, so most properties are affordable compared to the other areas welcoming both Thai and foreigners. Rent average is THB 12,000 – 13,500 monthly.

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Jomtien” best location to find rental property in Pattaya

This is a famous area because it’s very near to the beachfront and consists of many popular restaurants, there are many 3-4 star hotels located in this area as well. However, these hotels are not exactly at the beachfront because there’s a street in between. Rent average is THB 11,000 – 13,000 monthly.

pattaya properties for rent
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Some condominiums in Pattaya compared

Buying or rent a condo can be hard and frustrating, especially when it comes to the big and competitive real estate market like in Pattaya but, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Just scroll down to see the table comparing some of the best condo on the market and now you are all set.

Newest built properties in Pattaya

pattaya properties for rent

The first three comparisons are GRAND SOLAIRE, Knightsbridge Central Pattaya and The Rhine Condominium Jomtien, these are considered very newly built projects. They are compared in order of starting price. All of them are considered affordable and have some special offers in terms of investment, providing 6%-8% yield for 5-10 years.

Condominiums07. GRAND SOLAIRE06. Knightsbridge Central Pattaya05. The Rhine Condominium Jomtien
PriceStart THB 2.49 M (approx. USD 75,000)Start THB 1.99 M (approx. USD 62,000)Start THB 1.99 M (approx. USD 62,000)
Living size (Sqm)1 Bedroom/ 2 Bedroom/ 3 Bedroom/ 4 Bedroom 29.00-267 SqmStudio 22.00 Sqm
1 Bed + 1 Bath 30.00 Sqm
2 Beds + 2 Baths 55.00 Sqm
Studio 25
1 Bed + 1 Bath 34.50-51
2 Beds + 2 Baths52-52.50 
Price/SqmTHB 85,000 per sqm (approximately 2,682USD)Start at THB 90,000 /Sqm (approx. USD 2,800)Start at THB 80,000 /Sqm (approx. USD 2,500)
YearStarted in 2019 to be completed in 2024Completed in 2021To be completed in 2023
Swimming pool wave pool, roof top swimming pool, children’s poolN/AN/A
Outstanding FacilitiesOnsen Health Spa and VIP ‘red carpet’ Supercar parkingHome Automation SystemMini golf course on the roof top and limousine service

Located in Pattaya inner-city

The next comparison consists of The Senate Residence 2, Grand Florida Beachfront and Arcadia millennium Tower; these projects start between THB 2.16 – 3.99 M (approx. USD 102,500 – 124,600). The EDGE Central-Pattaya is a high-rise while the others are low-rise. All locations are also not far from the city.

Condominiums04. The Senate Residence 2 03. Grand Florida Beachfront02. Arcadia millennium Tower
PriceStart THB 3.28 M (approx. USD 102,500)Start THB 3.29 M (approx. USD 102,800)Starting from 2.16 MB (approximately 71,380 USD)
Living size (Sqm)1 Bed + 1 Bath (32 Sqm)
2 Beds + 2 Bath (64 Sqm)
36-47 Sqm
1 Bedroom   1 Bathroom
2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
1bedroom/2bedroom/3bedroom, penthouse suites
Price/SqmTHB 56,900 /Sqm (approx. USD 8,600)THB 56,000 /Sqm (approx. USD 1,750)THB80,000 per sqm (approximately 3,230 USD)
YearBuilt and completed in 202020182022
Swimming poolN/AN/ARooftop swimming Pool, Children’s Swimming Pool
Outstanding FacilitiesYoga GardenAmusement-like facilitiessky bar, sky gym, steam and sauna.

Top Pick Condominium

pattaya properties for rent

And now we are here at the top pick condominium of this article, Laguna Beach Resort 2. This project is a low-rise condominium with 1,100 units located in Bang Lamung area. This is one of the most affordable and convenient projects in Pattaya.

The unit size is not big so it gives you a little more privacy compared to the other projects. Location is also great considering 700 M away Jomtien Beach. Basically , this condo should be on top of your list right now. 

Condominiums01. Laguna Beach Resort 2
PriceStart THB 1.2 M (approx. USD 37,500)
Living size (Sqm)Studio 24.00 Sqm
1 Bed + 1 Bath 24.00-48.50 Sqm 
Price/SqmStart THB 50,000 / Sqm (approx. USD 1,560)
AGV rent/monthFrom ฿5,000 to ฿16,000 (approx. USD 147~470)
YearCompleted in 2014
Swimming pool size1,300 Sqm 
Location  Laguna beach Resort 2, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
Outstanding FacilitiesOnly walking distance to Jomtien Beach.

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