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Best Malls & Markets for Culture, Souvenirs & Food


Shopping in Pattaya can be a surprisingly rewarding experience, and it’s one that doesn’t necessarily require a wallet full of cash.
But you might want to prepare some extra space in your suitcase, or just buy another one to stash your treasures. Shops across the city offer everything from trinkets that you can’t help but buy for yourself or your friends to electronic shops selling the latest in technology.
But Pattaya’s malls and markets also offer a slew of entertainment options and unique travel experiences that make it more than a potential money pit.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is a central hub for traveler accommodation and activities.
As such, the city’s flagship mall can be found here.

Central Festival Pattaya Beach knows it has a lot of competition with the beach on its doorstep, so it’s been sure to offer more than just air-conditioning.

The glass-paneled design facing the ocean offers a captivating panoramic view of Pattaya Bay. Against this backdrop, you can browse dozens of shops for fashion or technology.

Dining is aplenty with flavors of Thai, Indian, Japanese, and Russian cuisine offered alongside fast food chains, snack stalls, and other treats. Sharing the two floors with the restaurants and cafes are indoor recreation options like Mario Land arcade games and Kiddy Land.

If the weather gets too wet or too warm, catch the latest release at the cinema or head over for some bowling.

Terminal 21 Pattaya

If you find yourself stuck lounging on the beach under swaying palm trees at sunset, wishing you were in Paris, then maybe you’ll get a bit of comfort at Terminal 21 Pattaya.

This airport-themed mall takes a slightly different approach to shopping. In a way, you’ll travel the world as you visit each level representing Tokyo, Italy, San Francisco, Hollywood, and Paris. If the hundreds of stores don’t catch your attention, replicas of the Eiffel Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa most certainly will.

When you get hungry, follow the classic airport signpost upstairs to the Pier 21 food court. The delicious and affordable food here can make the trip worth it all on its own.

Outlet Mall Pattaya

Budget shoppers in Pattaya will find their happy place at Outlet Mall Pattaya.

Comprised of The Outlet Mall and The Premium Fashion Mall, the orange color scheme here creates a warm, comfortable Mediterranean feel that will keep you drawn in.

You’ll find international brands in both sections, but you’ll get more at the outdoor shopping street of The Premium Fashion Mall.
The indoor, two-story shopping area of The Outlet Mall offers Thai high street fashion and non-labeled clothing alongside select international brands.

Outlet Mall Pattaya may not have the size and dining options of the city’s other shopping complexes, but you’ll undoubtedly be finding the best savings here.

Pattaya Floating Market

Looking at the malls, shopping in Pattaya can be pretty fun and eventful.

But if you are traveling for the culture and unique experiences, then Pattaya Floating Market might just be what floats your boat.

This incredible and popular spot is also known as the Four Regions Floating Market as the market is divided to represent the Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeastern region of Thailand.
You’ll be able to discover how the people in these parts of the country live, what they enjoy doing, and what they’re top products are.
This place will be full of all sorts of memorable souvenirs and trinkets like wooden sculptures, Thai silk, and wooden handmade bags.
You’ll also be able to taste some incredible food, enjoy cultural shows in the afternoon, and take a boat out on the water to relish in the architecture and riverside life.

Thepprasit Night Market

Shopping in Pattaya isn’t complete until you’ve visited the Thepprasit Night Market.

Also know as the Pattaya Weekend Market, you can visit any of the hundreds of stalls between 5pm and 11pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
This place is the place to be when open as it provides an incredible array of goods and food.
Fill up before or after you stock up on just about everything there is to buy.

As you go up and down the rows of shops at Thepprasit Night Market, one thing you should remember is that you are not here for quality. You might want to wash your new shirts separately so they don’t stain your other clothes, and don’t put too much hope into any electronics or gadgets you might buy.
There are also some goods that aren’t very legal on sale here, so just keep an eye on what you buy to make sure both it and you return home safely.

Other than that, you’re in for a great time here and are still sure to pick up some neat stuff along the way

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